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Kathi Kolb, August, 2007
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"The first
mistake of Art
is to assume
that it's
Lester Bangs
"All non-buyers of art can be downsized."
Bob Ragland
"...but it is
nice to get
paid for it."
"Graffiti," photo collage by Kathi Kolb (declarations added)
About the Artist
Kathi Kolb
Photo Restoration
Graphic Design
Website Tweaking
Like most artists, I started drawing, painting & picture making as a
child.  I spent hours & hours at it, putting myself through a
self-imposed course of draftsmanship to conquer the rendering of
various artistic subjects.  It was a big day when I could finally draw a
realistic rose, or cat, or horse, or tree.  When I was ten, I earned my
first dollar as an artist by drawing pencil portraits of people at a
neighborhood cookout.  That was the same year that the judges of the
regional Boston Diocese school art competition decided that
a ten-year-old couldn't have drawn the self-portrait I entered all by
Oh, the outrage!  Did Michaelangelo ever go through this??
During my twenties, I studied painting at the Massachusetts College of
Art while working full time.  After finishing my bachelors degree, I
worked as a writer & administrator, & eventually went on to gain a
Master of Science degree at the University of Rhode Island.  I
continued to make art & to explore several media – oils, watercolors,
pastels, charcoal, print-making, textiles, antique restoration, computer
graphics &, of course, photography.  My epiphany with photography
occurred after my father died, when I inherited his 35mm film
cameras.  I brought one with me on my first trip to Europe, and like
many artists before me, found myself inspired by the incomparable
light and spectacular scenery of southern France.  The pictures that
resulted from that trip led to my first photography show in South
Kingstown, as well as my first sales of art photos.
Finally, as a result of the persistent and affectionate prodding of two
artist friends,
I joined the Wickford Art Association in the fall of 2004, and began to
devote myself primarily to photography.  In early 2005, after much
skepticism, I “went digital,” and quickly became an enthusiastic
proponent.  Since then, I've been lucky enough to have my work  
accepted into several juried art shows & have won a number of
awards.  Take
that, school art competition judges!!  (The best revenge
is success.)  So far, I've attained artist member status in both the
Wickford & South County Art Associations.  My  work has been shown
at the Wickford Art Association, South County Art Association, Mystic
Art Association & the Courthouse Center for the Arts in South
Kingstown, along with several other regional venues.
Yes, I can still draw.  These days, I usually draw with vector software,
which for me is even more fun than a brand new box of Crayolas.  To
stay on top of art & design software,
I take classes occasionally at the Rhode Island School of Design.   I
am currently teaching myself to do animation & hope soon to carve out
the time to learn how to use Flash.
Click the "Lumos" button below to see one of my recent early
animation efforts using Illustrator & Photoshop.  (Adobe rules!!)  For  
information about exhibited work, please click on the
On Exhibit or
Awards buttons at the top  of this page.  I also do candid photographic
portraiture, as well as layout & graphic design, & teach the timid to
make their own websites.
Art & Photography by Kathi Kolb
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