Average Restoration           $30
Moderate Restoration        $50
Heavy Restoration               $75
Maximum Restoration -- Quote
Price includes your choice of one same-size print, or a jpg file on CD,
or an enlargement print up to 5 x 7.
An additional reprint, CD or 5 x 7 print can be ordered for $5.
An 8 x 10 enlargement can be ordered for an additional $10.
**Please note:
The "mats" on this page are for display only.  Reprints sent with restoration work will not be matted.
Average Restoration:  "Aunt Gertrude" required stain and spot removal, in addition to facial touch-up and tonal correction.
$ 30, including reprint.
Heavy Restoration:  "Goldie, Tabasco and Amy" required spot removal & sharpening, plus extensive color and image restoration to
rediscover Tabasco, the blue-eyed kitten disguised by an overexposed white blur.
$75 including 5 x 7 enlargement.
Heavy Restoration:  Although it may not look it, "George Washington at Home," an antique lithograph, required extensive work to
remove stains and spots, sharpen the type at the bottom, and essentially create a whole new parchment background.
$75, including reprint.
Average Restoration:  Because this customer wanted a same-size reprint to fit into an existing oval mat in a 5 x 7 frame, this was an
easier restoration than it might have been, since the background stains did not need individual attention.
$30, including reprint.

In general, all restoration work requires a quote before an order can be accepted.
Once I receive your image, I will email you a quote within three days.
See the Order Page for details.  

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Moderate Restoration:  "Joyce's Family" required repairing several areas of cracked emulsion, plus fairly extensive color correction and
restoration, as well as the creation of an enlargement.   $50, including 4 x 6 enlargement.
Art & Photography by Kathi Kolb