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About the Prints
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General Information:
Since you are clearly a savvy e-shopper (well, you found this site, didn't you??),
you already know that thumbnails, even my big, generous ones, do not begin to do justice to the
images they represent.  It's not only because they are small.   It's because they are web files.  The
colors that appear on web pages are not as good as the vibrant and varied hues you will see in an
actual print.  Why am I bothering to tell you all this?  Because if you are trying for an exact match
to your wall-to-wall carpeting, for example, the print you receive might not be
quite the same shade of periwinkle as you see here!!  

Print Quality:
All the art photos sold from this website are printed to archival standards, on high quality, acid-free
paper, with pigment-based inks sprayed on in tiny droplets.   This process produces what is known as
a giclee print.  I know all this because I make the prints myself on an Epson Stylus R1800 Printer.  
Except for panoramas, all art photos & calendar pages are printed on archival matte paper.  If you'd like
your photos printed on another art paper,
such as watercolor or velvet art paper, or even cloth, please contact me and I'll give you a quote.
Panoramic photos are printed on premium glossy paper.  All photos obtained through this site are
printed with pigment-based inks,  which are designed to last without fading for many decades.
It is recommended that you frame your photos under glass to maximize their durability.
If you would like more information about this subject,
please click here for a review of the
Epson R1800, and you'll discover that
your print will outlive both of us by several decades!
Calendars are delivered with a binder clip that is large enough and strong enough to keep your pages
together while allowing you to hang the calendar by one of the clip arms.   They are printed
double-sided on high-density smooth bristol which  is excellent to write on, so you can keep track of all
your important occasions!  

If you would like to order prints or arrange a show of my work, please email me with specific details.
I will contact you in a timely manner to help you put together your order.
Prints are available in various sizes & will be shipped mounted & matted, ready for framing.

Matted prints are put together in an archival manner, which means the photo is not glued or
dry-mounted to the backing, but is taped to the back of the mat along the top edge only, using
acid-free tape.  This allows the photo to hang freely between the mat and the foam-core board backing,
so that it can adjust to changes in humidity.
All materials used are acid-free and photo-safe.

With the exception of the Pettaquamscutt Stone Wall panorama, all the photos are matted
to fit into standard-sized,  ready-made frames.  These generally come with the glass included.  If you
live within driving distance of South County, Rhode Island, I'll frame your print for you for a nominal
sum and you can pick it up.  But doing it yourself is really not that bad.  After you've scraped that
nasty, sticky price tag off the glass, and done the Windex thing, one of my friends recommends using
a blow dryer to get all the dust off the frame and glass before you put it all together.
Great idea!  Because, believe me, just when you think you're all set to put the clips or brads back in
place and hang it up, some nasty piece of lint will appear between the picture and the glass, and you'll
want to scream......Or maybe you can just take it to a frame shop.

All prints are enclosed in protective sleeves and mailed in stiff,  cardboard containers.
They are sent certified and insured.  Once your order is received, I will send you an email invoice
through PayPal, which will contain a link to allow you to make a secure online payment.  
You do not
need a PayPal account to do so.
 PayPal will then notify me immediately that your payment has been
made, so  that I can begin to fill your order.
Printing and matting is done to order,  so please allow about three weeks for receipt of your prints
from the time you place your order.  If you are ordering multiple prints, your order may be sent in more
than one package.  If for any reason, your order is likely to take longer , I will contact you by email.

This website was designed and created by me, Kathi Kolb.
All site content, images, and design elements are copyrighted exclusively to Kathi Kolb, 2006/07.
All rights reserved.  No part of this site may be reproduced or published without my express permission.

Information you provide to me through this site is never  sold or shared.  Ever.

Other Services:
If you'd like to publish one of my photos, or hire me to take photos, or  help you with a design project
or  website, please email me and I'll be happy to work with you.  Click on the Fotolia button for
examples of my graphic designs.
Art & Photography by Kathi Kolb