People are passing on some nice messages with their donations,
so I thought I'd start a page for them.  Meanwhile, thank you all.
Kathi, aka KAK on
Thank you!
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is kept strictly confidential & is never sold or
Funds donated through this site so far:  $1410
"Hope this helps a Little."  PE
"Thank you for being such a kind and
wonderful person."  MI

~ MI, that applies to everyone who
has sent a donation.
I'm just the techie.  KAK
"To help you start believing again."  JD
Messages to Diane:
Comments to KAK:
"vinogal wants to help"  JC
"From NancyD"
"From another BC sister."  HunkyD
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"From one sister to another."  livesstrong
"Merry Christmas, Diane!"  PK
"To help Diane and her husband" SF
"To help Diane"  SP
Message from Diane:
My faith was wavering; you all have
given it such a boost!
Thank you, thank you,  THANK YOU!
"Believe in the miracle that is Christmas!
From one bc sister to another."  MW