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You may know her as "badboob67" on the forum at BreastCancer.Org.  
Her friends on the forum know her as Diane & wanted to provide a way
for her forum sisters & brothers to help her during this difficult time.

As we watch politicians & bureaucrats argue about the best way to
help home-owners keep their homes & prevent millions more Americans
from losing their jobs, some of our friends on the forum are living with the
real consequences of the U.S. financial crisis.  Diane is one of those
friends.  While she & her husband have been waiting weeks for word on
whether they can refinance their mortgage & prevent foreclosure,
Diane's husband was laid off from his job, just one week before Christmas.

If you can help Diane & her family with a donation, it will truly be
appreciated.  Click on the gold "Donate Now" button & you will be able
to make a secure donation online through Paypal.  You do not need to
have a Paypal account to do so.  The Paypal page was set up using my
existing Paypal business account for my photography website.  This
enables the use of credit & debit cards.  If my name appears on that
page, that's why.  I will be able to email Diane each day with the funds
collected so far.  I sent off the first chunk on 12/20/08, 2nd on 12/22/08.

Email me if you have any questions.   Make sure you click your Refresh
button to see the latest fund total.  Thank you all.    Kathi, KAK on
Thank you!
Any information you provide through this site is
kept strictly confidential & is never sold or shared.
Funds donated through this site so far:  $1410