Art calendars are printed
double-sided on 100-lb smooth
bristol and can be written on like
any other calendar.  Each page
displays a photograph of a scene in
southern Rhode Island.  Every
calendar includes a cover page and a
proof page, plus one page for each
month.  All calendars come with a
sturdy binder clip that holds all the
pages together and allows the
calendar to be hung by one of the
clip arms.  Click on the "Print Info"
button for more information.
Calendar Slide Show:
Watch the months go by...
2008's calendar features a fresh new
layout & includes all art florals &
fields, most of  which have appeared
in gallery shows.   All featured
photos have been taken in South
County, Rhode Island.  
Along with a large image, each
calendar page includes roomy
squares for each day of the month,
and standard holidays.   Enjoy!
Create your own calendar:
Add up to 24 special dates or pick
your own favorite photos for each
month from any page on this site.  
Extra charges are listed below.

Add 24 special dates:  + $ 12
Pick each photo:  + $ 12
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Calendar size
12 x18         $ 30
Price includes shipping.
Art & Photography by Kathi Kolb