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Last, but not least, I could only
replace my animals' pictures
with another animal picture.  
This was a card I received this
week from my PT colleague
Mary H. (you know who you
are!!).  It came on a really bad
day & made me laugh out loud.

Thanks, Mary!!  It's always good
to know there's someone out
there who shares my mature,
sophisticated sense of humor.  
Love to you from moi.
And a special hug to "Hannah
A "Gy" = a Gray, a unit of measure
indicating how much radiation is actually
absorbed by the body it's aimed at.
The Mother of all Floor Lamps ~
a linear accelerator directing a precise X-ray beam at a
woman's left breast.   It's not a big blue beam in
reality;  also, in reality, the woman's breast would be
hanging out, not modestly covered up.