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All right, fans.  At long last, I managed to make a regular web page for these babies.  The page
is still a work in progress, because this html stuff is kinda complicated, and the geek part of my
brain doesn't work as well as it used to when I didn't have
Cancer Related Fatigue.  But if you
can be patient with me a little longer, all will be well!
The Basics:
The Basics are shirts that will pretty much always be available, as long as I have an ironing
board and Hanes keeps making these and selling them inexpensively at my local craft store!
These are Hanes Women's Tee Shirts.  They are somewhat fitted, but not tight.  You can get
one in purple or pink.  You can get one in other colors, too, if you're interested in another
color.  Just ask.   They are 100% combed cotton and are preshrunk.

Sizes:        Small Women's = dress size   8 (bust size 34 inches)
        Medium Women's = dress size 10 (bust size 36 inches)
              Large Women's = dress size 12 (bust size 38 inches)
The Fancies:
The Fancies are the various shirts I
pick up here & there when I catch a
good sale.  They are mostly various
shades of purple, mostly cotton,
and in a variety of styles.  These
are the ones on Facebook at the
moment.  Many of them are spoken
for, but there are some left.   I'll
update the inventory list shortly.  
Girl Scout's Honor.
This is the Hanes Adult Tee Shirt.
These are the looser, classic-style, any
gender shirt.  The sleeves are bigger and
would be more comfortable over
lymphedema.   They're longer and straighter
overall.  They are 50/50 cotton/polyester.  
Also preshrunk.

Sizes:               Small Adult = 34-36
              Medium Adult = 38-40
                 Large Adult = 42-44
        Extra Large Adult = 46-48

purple as shown; light pink;
ask about other colors.

Larger Sizes can be obtained.  Just ask.
the Accidental Amazon Tee Shirt . . . . . . because symmetry is highly overrated.
If you prefer to pay by check,
email me & I'll give you my
mailing address.
Click on one of the buttons
below to order.  Include the size,
color & quantity you'd like, plus
your shipping address.  Thanks!
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The back of the Amazon Shirt
and the reason I made it -- my
peeps from
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The Shirt Front
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